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“Wow! It works like a charm! 
I love this service as being regional it allows us to keep up with new products and trends in the market. 
Thank you ”

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You don't launch brands to fail, however more often than not failure is the result of a lack of time and attention, because no matter how good you think your brand is, 
if retailers don't know about it, they just won't range it.

We bring the trade show to you

Stock Box has been introducing brands to retailers since 2014, and has quickly established itself as the leading product sampling program for brands looking to drive, trial and ranging.














Free for retailers

That's right Stock Box is a free B2B service to the retail trade. All you need to do is register, vote for products and give us your feedback.

No ongoing fees 

Our program is 100% supplier funded. We take no commissions on retail sales, should you range product from the box.


Taking time out of your business is not an option for most. We bring the trade show to you, saving you time, money with no heavy sales pitches. 

 After the recent launch of a major drink brand Stock Box members were asked
"Did they know of this product prior to seeing it in Stock Box". 
Amazingly 71% of respondents were not aware of the product, and 47% wanted to bring the product into range.

71% of retailers not aware of new product launch

What our members say


Increase your brand awareness

The way product reaches the shelves is not keeping pace with the way consumers are being engaged. Stock Box gives products time and attention with retailers and makes 
product sampling simple. 

Get attention

Retailers are busy people, so IF you are lucky enough to get to the decision makers they rarely have time for you. Our boxes are conveniently delivered directly to the business owners for them to try and test new products.

Save time 

It does not make sense deploying field teams to canvas new business. That is where we can add value, by taking big data bases, filtering them with you to target certain retailers, and then finding the warm leads for your teams to call on.

Gain insights

Want to know the effectiveness of your marketing? Our program is great for finding out if retailers know about your products and where they found out about them. We can also measure in-field or 3rd party effectiveness.

Stock Box

Be part of a collective box of samples, and get your brands front and centre with independent retailers and decision makers.


For retail groups who want to run their own branded program. Targeted to their members and their suppliers to gain member buy-in.


A bespoke branded program for suppliers looking to target certain retailers with their own box, to showcase their new products.


A program for every business

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E: info@mystockbox.com.au 
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