A better way to discover product.


We find retailers who have genuine interest in your brands by getting them to vote. This means your samples get to the right people.


Our program is a fraction of the cost of a sales call, and our boxes get greater attention because retailers get to view products in their time.


Our program generates 10% or more of voters as leads for you. When ROI's on advertising are 2%, can you afford not to be in our box?

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“Wow! It works like a charm! 
I love this service as being regional it allows us to keep up with new products and trends in the market. 
Thank you ”

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I am a supplier.

Stock Box is ideal for raising your brands visibility to the trade as we have a direct line to retailers and decision makers. Our network of retail members is extensive and covers channels such as Convenience, Route and Newsagents all hungry to discover new products for their business.

I am a banner.

No matter if you have a brand or a retail network, we can provide an exclusive branded solution for you. We can use our network, or your own internal data base, to showcase your new range with your own branded box program, or act as a 3rd party category manager for your retail network. Talk to us about how we can create your own program designed to reinforce your brand and create greater buy-in.  


Maybe you have a new product launch or you just want to educate the market on your range. Either way we can create a program for you.


If you run a retail program or have a banner, let us be your 3rd party category manger. Get greater buy-in by giving members a voice.


That's right Stock Box is a free B2B service to the retail trade. All you need to do is register, vote for products and give us your feedback.


Our program is 100% supplier funded. We take no commissions on your sales should you range product from the box.


Our goal is to grow your business one product at a time. Our mission is to give suppliers a voice and retailers a choice on products for their business.

I am a retailer.

Stock Box is your trade show in a box. We understand that retailers just want to run their business and don't have time to read magazines, attend trade shows or have their days interrupted with reps and sales pitches. This is where Stock Box can add value to your business by delivering new products to your door to try in YOUR time.

Don't just take our word for it.

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The way product reaches the shelves is not keeping pace with the way consumers are now being engaged, leaving many brands and retailers behind. Time is now the asset and finding new products is becoming increasingly difficult. Suppliers are also challenged by time and the growing cost to get their brands in the hands of retailers. Stock Box is a B2B product sampling program, addressing the issue of product awareness and speed-to-market for brands and retailers alike. 

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